While the concept of kindness has surely existed since the dawn of humanity, the idea of a dedicated kindness day or week seems to have started in 1995 in Colorado with the “Random Acts of Kindness Foundation”.

Fast forward to 2022 and, at the risk of sounding melodramatic, has there ever been a time when the planet could use more kindness? Countries pitted against each other for scarce resources, civil unrest between citizens with differing beliefs and families torn apart over masks and vaccines.

These ills are on such a large scale that we could be forgiven for questioning what difference our individual acts of kindness could possibly make.

But I choose to believe that each act of kindness we show each other can and does make a difference.  A difference to both the beneficiary and the initiator. When was the last time someone held a door for you? Let you merge on the highway? Bought you a coffee? When we are on the receiving end of such acts, we feel seen, acknowledged, and appreciated.  A small act can stay with us and warm our heart for the rest of the day!

Becoming a #RAKtivist (random act of kindness activist) is good for your health and wellness too! Studies have shown that being altruistic can lower blood pressure, reduce pain and increase happiness as the reward centres of our brain are activated.

Here are a few examples of RAK’s to get you going:

  • Pick up groceries for a sick friend
  • Compliment a stranger
  • Send a thank you email to a different person every week
  • Touch base regularly with those friends who live alone

The great news is we can plan daily acts of kindness AND can keep our eyes open for those impromptu opportunities.  Whichever way you choose, #MakeKindnesstheNorm

If you want to read more on this, check out: RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS DAY – February 17, 2022 – National Today

What will you do on February 17 and beyond? Let us know in the comments below!