Our signature program – The Art of Deliberate Success: The 10 Behaviours program

Behaviour change is an inside job! Whether you are taking charge of your own change or looking to create change on an organizational level, here are some proven outcomes already experienced by 10 Behaviour clients: 

  • Improved productivity personally and professionally
  • Working less but achieving more
  • Improved confidence
  • Greater employee engagement
  • Better staff productivity and effectiveness
  • A work culture that is more change ready and open to new ideas
  • Improved staff retention and a more attractive workplace to prospective employees
Individual Coaching

Coaching conversations can occur in person, by video chat or by  phone. The duration and frequency of the sessions are based on the client’s preference and are usually between 30 and 60 minutes weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Emails and/or short check in calls between coaching sessions can occur as needed. Each coaching package is flexible and customized based on client needs and wants.

Group Coaching

The benefits for group coaching for individuals include:

  • Learning together from and with others creates a sense of community with people at a similar stage who share the same areas of interest and focus
  • Providing built-in accountability and problem solving opportunities

Group coaching benefits organizations by:

  • Promoting a culture of ongoing learning by sharing knowledge and breaking down silos
  • Increasing the likelihood of transferring learning from training courses to on the job performance
  • Creating a space for collaborating, sharing best practices and problem solving

DISC assessments can be administered as a coaching tool  as well as during a three hour group workshop. This psychometric tool is instrumental in producing the kind of awareness and self-awareness needed when discussing career development, team building, conflict management, communications and leadership matters.


Process Facilitation

Using a variety of models, tools and processes, Starfish facilitators have led meaningful, effective and results-oriented focus groups, committee meetings and senior management planning sessions for various clients including the Canada Revenue Agency, the Canada Border Services Agency, Correctional Services Canada, National Capital Commission and Le Patro d’Ottawa.

Do you want to know more? Let’s talk about how we can champion your success!

Book Cover: The Art of Deliberate Success

We are very proud to be the first Canadian company to partner with Dr. David Keane and be accredited to offer The Art Of Deliberate Success: The 10 Behaviours Of Successful People.

The 10 Behaviours is a highly-practical, research-based, facilitator-led development program enabling people to achieve their full potential and success. All organizational success is built on the professional and personal success of each team member. Success begins with the individual.

“Success is found at the intersection of passion, skills, and needs.”

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